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Ajay Vyas
Ajay Vyas
Dr. Einav and staff are fantastic. I struggled with health issues related to being overweight for a number of years. After yo-yo dieting not yielding results and my blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease factors starting to become a much more serious concern, I went to Dr. Einav who provided a care treatment plan that allowed me to drop over 30lbs, get my lab results all within the normal range and maintain a much more vibrant and healthy quality of life. Dr. Einav was always available to me, checked in on me beyond the normal consultative appointments and changed my life for the better. I am forever grateful. He is compassionate, caring and an expert physician on cardiometabolic health matters and has the ability to change the health of his patients for the better.
S Knox
S Knox
I lost a substantial amount of weight over 6 months on Dr. E’s weight loss program (Cardiometabolic Medicine). They provided the support and resources I needed to stop and reverse the weight gain I was experiencing. The staff is friendly, supportive and professional. Rosemary’s nutritional expertise was especially helpful. Dr. E was great as well. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about losing weight but just needs some professional, knowledgeable support. The investment is well worth it !
Afua Baidoo-davis
Afua Baidoo-davis
I have been struggling with hormonal changes and was trying to eat healthy with exercising twice a day. I joined Planet Fitness & was so committed to my health goals including getting enough sleep BUT l was still not able to loose any weight. I tried cardio-metabolic medicine and in the first week l lost 4 pounds!!! Six months later l am at my healthiest with my lipid panels improved. There are variety of food to choose, which I love because I am a fussy eater. The staff members are genuinely caring and you get to know them. When you walk in you’re welcomed & embraced by Holly, ( miss you) Miranda (so sweet & understanding when am always running late) and Rosemary (great, effervescent energy). I worked with Dr Einav at the hospital & he is at his best in guiding you with CMM. ❤️💕❤️
I have been going here for the last six months, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I have more energy, and will be healthier for the rest of my life due to the great advise and habits I have now created. I’m 50+ lbs down and will continue with them until my goal!
Kali Danielle Gehring Kappell
Kali Danielle Gehring Kappell
I have been going there for 6 months now, I’m down 50+ lbs and have a ton of energy. Everyone there is great about working with your schedule and they allow for in person, phone and zoom meetings! Couldn’t be happier with it!
Jenn Matias
Jenn Matias
Called to get a quote and Marie was beyond helpful and encouraging! Thank you! What a delightful lady
Michael Libous
Michael Libous
So...... September past I looked at myself in the mirror and said out loud "would you look at what you have become".... It was time. Cardio Metabolic Medicine commercials had been jumping out at me for about 2 weeks on television and I called the number and made an appointment. It is now the beginning of February 2020 I am proud to share that I am down almost 48 pounds.... my blood pressure is "normal" again... my "good"cholesterol is soaring ...my A1C is within the normal range and I have never felt better!!! I feel like a new and improved Me. The guidance and knowledge from Cardio Metabolic Medicine has been a Huge help to me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping Me get " ME " back 🤗 !!
Michael Mrva
Michael Mrva
It works! Lost 60 lbs and feel great!. The professional and caring staff were my best advocates to coach me across the finish line of my weight loss goals. So many new and exciting areas were addressed in this program that only helped with the overall experience. Program was full of life changing skills to guide you through proper food selection, how to handle those stress eating conflicts and any other issues that often cause us to lose control with weight. I highly recommend them to anybody that needs weight loss for living healthier productive lives.

Transform Your Heart Health in Gorgeous Beverly Hills with Dr. Einav's Weight-Loss Program

“Today It is possible to effectively lose at least 10-15% weight long term and prevent heart attacks, stroke, and heart failure symptoms”

Dr. Eldad Einav, M.D., FACC | Cardiologist and Obesity

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Cut At Least 15% Of Your Weight With Our 360 Degree Program*

Located in Beverly Hills, MyW8 targets a 15% weight loss goal, scientifically linked to significant cardiovascular health benefits. We are dedicated to guiding you towards this goal, or even beyond, through a scientifically tailored approach designed specifically for you.

Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Don’t play Russian Roulette with your heart, especially if you already have or at risk for heart or vascular disease. myW8 actively works to prevent heart attacks and stroke and other cardiovascular disease through weight loss with our tailored medical regimen.
Beverly Hills Cardiovascular
weight loss for Heart disease Beverly Hills

Improve Congestive Heart Failure symptoms

Heart Failure is a Weight-related Condition

Our Program improves symptoms related to congestive heart failure through a customized weight loss program designed by a cardiologist. Ease Shortness of Breath, Reduces Swelling, Boosts Exercise Capacity, and Elevates your Quality of Life.

Atrial fibrillation control through Weight-loss done right!

Experience less palpitations or fast heart rate episodes

At myW8, we enhance Atrial Fibrillation management through significant weight loss, coupled with personalized support and a tailored medical regimen. Our program typically helps to reduce the frequency and severity of episodes and fosters overall heart health improvement.
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Retain Muscle While You Lose Weight

Combat Skinny Fat (Muscle Loss) and Transform Body Composition

Retain Muscle While You Lose Weight

Guided by detailed body composition analysis, our program promotes fat loss while retaining muscle for greater health and strength. 

Fatty Liver Disease Treatment Beverly Hills

Fatty Liver disease? Inflammation? Elevated Liver Functions?

Lose “Liver Fat”

Find out how weight loss can reduce fat buildup in the liver, improving liver function and your metabolism.

Restless sleep? Loud snoring? Improve sleep apnea symptoms

See how Weight Loss Can Transform Sleep Apnea. We will monitor your progress with state of the art tracking devises
Weight Loss Can Transform Sleep Apnea
metabolic wellness program in Los Angle

Metabolic Wellness

Prevent Diabetes and Enhance Insulin Sensitivity

You’ll see how weight loss can improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and promote stable blood sugar.

Enhance Energy and Mobility

Learn how shedding excess weight can improve osteoarthritis and physical mobility and overall energy levels.

Increase both Life span and health span

We are laser focused on improving heart health and longevity while achieving lifelong weight loss results.

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How It Works

We put you through a series of easy, but very complete exams to get a deep view of your current body and health. We use complete blood tests, genetic tests , imaging (ultrasound, CT or MRI) and advanced tracking devices

We tailor a fully unique program just for you, your conditions, and individual health goals. I
We target your Weight , heart and metabolic health with a holistic approach. If qualified for highly effective weight loss GLP-1 medications we make sure you minimize any significant side effects and discomfort.

This is done in harmony with a custom lifestyle regimen that works perfectly for your energy levels and discipline. The myW8 team holds your hand each step of the way.

We’ll monitor your progress on a daily and weekly basis with our state-of the art mobile app and tracking devices, ensuring you’re crushing your health goals in a SAFE and consistent manner. You’ll benefit from a professional team of medical experts and the latest technology to put your life back together piece by piece. 


Meet Eldad Einav M.D, FACC

Board Certified Obesity Expert and Cardiologist

Dr.  Einav is an NYU trained, board-certified cardiologist and a Diplomate in Obesity Medicine from the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He’s also a fellow of the American College of Cardiology and a member of the Obesity Medicine Association. With years of experience in both Cardiology and Obesity care, results speak for themselves as Dr. Einav provides life-changing weight loss for his patients. 



In the vibrant community of Beverly Hills, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is an essential aspect of overall well-being. Many individuals seek the expertise of a cardiologist for professional guidance on weight loss, understanding the critical link between heart health and maintaining a healthy weight.

Effective weight loss strategies often encompass a balanced diet, regular exercise, and personalized medical advice. But why Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is celebrated for its commitment to health and wellness. We recognized that our role extended beyond offering tailored advice on weight loss; we needed to demonstrate that our clients could not only shed pounds but also enhance their heart health.

For those aiming to improve their fitness routines or seeking medical counsel, Dr. Einav, a board-certified cardiologist, is dedicated to helping individuals achieve better health. His approach is deeply rooted in the belief that true wellness involves a holistic view of health, integrating weight management with cardiovascular care.

*Disclaimer: The myW8 program’s claims about weight loss, including results of 15% weight loss, CHF symptom improvement, and heart attack/stroke prevention are based on clinical trials, primarily involving GLP-1 medications and lifestyle changes. While we follow these protocols closely and offer frequent patient visits, individual results may vary, and we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. Our approach aims to align with or surpass the benefits noted in these trials, but each patient’s experience is unique.”
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