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Meet Dr. Eldad Einav MD, FACC

Your Heart-First Obesity Specialist

Dr. Eldad Einav - Obesity Specialist Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Einav brings 25 years of clinical experience to his holistic weight loss success

Through Dr. Einav’s 25 years of clinical experience, countless patients have achieved holistic weight loss success.

As a leading voice in the field of sustainable weight loss results, he’s set himself apart from a crowd of “quick fix” fat loss gurus and yo-yo dieting fads.

Simply put, his focus on heart and metabolic health helped him crack the code for safe weight loss that lasts a lifetime.

Dr. Einav Is Dedicated To Ending The Worst Obesity Struggles

Dr. Eldad Einav graduated with excellence from Hebrew University/Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem. He completed his postgraduate training in Cardiovascular Disease at New York University School of Medicine and in Internal Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Over the past years, Dr. Einav has been an active participant at Obesity Medical Association events, conferences, and forums, contributing articles and answering questions pertaining to cardiovascular-related disease in obesity.  In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Einav has authored peer-reviewed publications and won multiple awards for excellence in research. He serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Upstate Medical University. Throughout his years in practice, he has given CME presentations on preventive cardiology and obesity, including lectures on Cardiovascular Safety of Anti-Obesity Pharmacotherapy.

Making Heart-Healthy Weight Loss The Gold Standard

Before establishing his successful Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Eldad Einav served the community of Binghamton, NY as a non-invasive cardiologist. In 2016, he founded CardioMetabolic Medicine — a center focused on the most difficult, stubborn cases of Obesity. Thanks to its unique approach and rapid success, it was acquired by Ascension Lourdes and Dr. Einav became the Medical Director of Cardiometabolic Health. Since relocating to Beverly Hills, he’s launched myW8 — a concierge medical practice dedicated to treating obesity with a heart-healthy approach. His high success rate is a testament to the personalized setting and science behind myW8.

Eldad Einav M.D, FACC